Something we all can agree on is the importance of protecting the place we call home – Earth! The move to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle is important for the well-being of our environment's future. Even the smallest moves in the right direction to protect the environment will make a huge impact. We have partnered with Elizabeth Olwen, a talented print and pattern designer, who understands the importance of designing products with our planet in mind. Her exclusive Tate + Zoey collection features everyday swaps you can make, without sacrificing the desire for beautiful and joyful products. 

Swap your water bottle with a reusable one

Not only are reusable water bottles better for the environment than plastic, but why not make a fashion statement while staying hydrated! Our Mindful Stoneware Water Bottles are 12 oz. and can maintain temperature of hot or cold beverages for hours. These bottles double as the perfect swap for your on-the-go coffee and will ensure it stays hot longer than the disposable options. Once you make this swap, you'll never go back!

Swap your wax candles with soy-based candles

The luxurious and warm smell candles give are sure to warm up any space. But have you ever thought about the environmental impact? Most candles are composed from paraffin wax which derives from a finite resource - fossil fuels. Not only is this non-renewable, but the toxins released are harmful to the atmosphere and even our own health. Swapping to soy-based candles, like our Mindful Candles, will provide a cleaner burn and allow for the eco-friendly, renewable resource of soybeans to be used. 

Pro Tip: Repurpose these stunning jars around your house when the candle burns out! We love to use them in the bathroom to store cotton balls or q-tips. Want to be even more environmentally forward? Use them as planters for succulents or to grow some fresh herbs

Swap paper towels for cotton towels

Making the change from generic paper towels to reusable options will not only reduce wastefulness, but will allow you to take a big step towards helping the environment! These 100% cotton towels come in a 2-piece bundle and are machine washable. Save on counter space by removing the paper towel roll and adding our fun, colorful Mindful Tea Towels that double as a cheerful decoration. 

Swap single use produce bags with an eco-friendly option

Let's be honest here... we are all guilty of using produce bags at the grocery store or farmers market and throwing them away when we get home. Making the change to reusable bags not only provides a more sustainable shopping experience, but actually keeps your produce fresher for a longer time! Our Mindful Produce Bag Set comes in a set of 4 and has various sizes to make it easy to incorporate this new practice for all your produce needs including fruits, vegetables, and even nuts.

Swap plastic grocery bags for a tote bag

One of the first widely accepted sustainable practices was to bring your own tote bags when grocery shopping. Whether you're already using these or this is your push to start, you never can have too many reusable tote bags! Our Mindful Market Love Tote is 100% cotton canvas and is great for your next shopping trip, vacation, or even a new everyday bag. Make your shopping experiences sustainable.


Purchasing sustainable products not only create more eco-friendly habits, but a long-term economic savings from otherwise disposable options. Elizabeth Olwen continues to develop as an eco-friendly artist and we are grateful for this collaboration. Here's to adopting new practices that make the world a more beautiful place, together.

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About Elizabeth Olwen:
Elizabeth Olwen is a Canadian print and pattern designer living in Portugal. Inspired by the natural world around her, Elizabeth’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes. This is why she is so excited about her collaboration with Tate + Zoey, which aims to consider those steps, or footprints, and create products that promote a sustainable, planet-conscious lifestyle. We want you to feel good about making changes in your life that are kind to the planet, while also creating products that bring joy, inspire you, and make your days more beautiful. Here’s to honoring nature and adopting new practices that make the world a more beautiful place, together.

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