After more than a year of working from home, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks to maximize our potential and productivity while working from home or anywhere life takes us! Working remotely provides many benefits including flexibility, more time with family, a comfortable work environment, and the opportunity to save extra money, but is important to hold yourself accountable and minimize distractions for an effective work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Check out these 4 productivity tips to remember no matter what your “office” looks like.

1. Move Your Body

Movement is essential to staying focused and enhancing creativity. With no commute, trade that time in for a morning workout to start your day with success! Check out local gyms for summer/seasonal discounts or your favorite mobile apps to get in a quick sweat session. Mix up your routine with some walking, running, cycling, barre, or yoga to challenge and strengthen your body. Break up your day by taking a walk on your lunch break!

2. Begin and End on Time

When you’re not working in a traditional office space, it can be difficult to turn off work mode and focus on other commitments at the end of your day for a work-life balance. Create a morning routine so you don’t automatically open your laptop when you wake up. Take a morning walk, read, exercise, grab coffee with a friend, or make coffee at home using your favorite Tate + Zoey coffee mugs. When it’s time to shut it off for the day, prioritize grabbing dinner with your family or take the time to make the meal you’ve been dying to try.

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3. Make a Work-Free Area if Working from Home

If you’re working from home, it can be easy to cross lines between work and rest. It’s crucial to make a dedicated workspace to stay concentrated during the day. We recommend sprucing up your workspace with our memory sticks, beautifully scented candles, or quotable canvases! If the funds allow, make a dedicated day to utilize a co-working space in your area, work from a coffee shop, or check out a park nearby for a change of scenery!

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4. Understand Your Work Rhythm

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs and CEOs wake up at 5am or even earlier to tackle emails, set goals and intentions for the day, and exercise, but that doesn’t mean that’s what works for you. It’s important to understand what hours of the day you work best in comparison to hours you may feel more sluggish, like that 3pm slump. This can take time to understand, but is well worth it in the end!

No matter where you are in life, becoming a Tate + Zoey Brand Affiliate offers the opportunity to build a business that matches your schedule and lifestyle and allows you the opportunity to work from anywhere, any time. Check out the video below for an overview of what Tate + Zoey has to offer or learn more HERE.

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