Our Story

We worked in an industry where you were expected to follow all of the rules, and realized we didn't have to.
Get 4 women around a table and a lot can happen. A real “girl boss” who made her mark in the wholesale gift industry saw the potential in a team and brought them to the table. Chairs filled with the well-respected sales pro who also loves to rescue kittens from dumpsters, the creative mom of two that is proudly a rap guru, and the young ambitious woman that always finds the solution while also finding all the chocolate in the office.

The skills, talents, and backgrounds of each person created a power team of ideas and knowledge. Combine our years of business experience in product development, sales, branding, and operations, with our years of life experience in carpool scheduling, soccer tournaments, meal planning, and happy hours - the team was confident that they could turn this idea into a success story.

It was at that table that Tate + Zoey was created: a bold idea to create a social business model where anyone can “pull up a chair”, start their own business, and connect people to great gifts.

Our Mission:

To change lives with a gift!

Our Vision:

To create a lasting legacy – the ultimate gift that positively impacts millions of people.

Our Values:

We pledge to be authentic and stay true to ourselves, to connect women of all ages, but most importantly have fun in everything we do!