Our lives are busy, to say the least. No matter how prepared you enter the day, there is no doubt you will run into an obstacle that will throw you off your perfectly planned track. Whether it’s a stressful day at work, a riff with a partner, unexpected news, overly stimulating social situations, lousy weather, fighting kids, the list goes on. No matter what life throws at you, it is instinct to draw to the comfort of home. A safe, serene place where we feel calm and in control is vital for developing a positive environment. To unwind, turn off, and recharge. We flee to our homes to nest our uncomfortable moments and grow stronger for the next.   

From the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, these areas of our homes serve so much more than just a place of shelter. These are the spots where fundamental memories are made and ground our spiritual senses. It is part of human nature to have comfort and ownership in the place that we inhabit. In part of this, the way we design and decorate the interior of our homes impacts our emotional health and wellbeing. 


Bring in Brightness for a Calming Atmosphere  

Studies on the interconnected nature of human psychology and interior design have shown that allowing natural sunlight in the home and incorporating bright, serene colors can significantly improve your mood. Think of a spa. The décor is bright and fresh while producing a calming and relaxed environment. Tones of whites, greys, and pastels are ideal for creating a tranquil space. You can incorporate this décor style into your home and create a sanctuary!  



Add Art To Improve Your Mood   

Art is an essential component to reducing stress and anxiety and is a quintessential component of the human experience. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, being surrounded by art and observing it reduces stress and anxiety. Owning artwork that speaks to you, has meaning, elevates your space, or pleases your eye is essential when constructing a space for optimal emotional wellbeing! From wall art to glassware, so many elements in your home are works of art, and we have a few to boost your mood! 



Eliminate the Clutter to Reduce Stress  

Having a messy house is the easiest way to feel like your life is out of control and elevates your stress level. A great way to avoid this is to create an environment that is easy to maintain and make designated storage spots for easy cleanup! To help you keep your house a place of peace and comfort, we have some great products for your Spring cleaning! 



Fresh Florals to Boost Your Mood and Productivity  

A professional, scientific study on the interaction between human productivity in living plants proved that working in a room including fresh flowers or ornamental plants can increase memory retention and concentration. Additionally, having flowers and plants in your home is shown to improve happiness and elicit overall calming effects! Get your green thumb ready for Spring and invite nature into your home! Tate + Zoey is here to incorporate elegant home décor pieces that serve as a spot for your fresh florals. 



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