Don’t Blink 

Everyone tells you it goes by in the blink of an eye, but you never honestly believe them until you are sitting in your college apartment, holding your cap and gown, looking at the countdown on your shared fridge door that reads “30 days until graduation”.   

Reflecting on these past four and fast years, I can’t help but become nostalgic about the incredible friendships I have cultivated, the knowledge I have gained, the memories I have made, and the new person I have become. Entering my first year, I thought I had my whole life figured out. I had a plan. I’ve always had a plan. Since I was a toddler, I have expressed organization, precision, and direction traits. I’ve always known my next move--until I didn’t.   

My world was turned upside down when I entered college in the best way possible. My perception of the world expanded ten-fold, the ideas I held for my future shifted, and the drive for my success was now for my own exultation rather than to meet the perceived expectations of others. These past four years have been some of the most transformative and memorable moments of my life, and I will be forever grateful for the self-growth I have endured and the experiences I have been so blessed to experience. While I look back with teary eyes of gratitude and sentimental sensations, I know that the best is yet to come. Perhaps the first twenty-two years of my life were about the next place, thing, project, job, benchmark, but now I am entering a new reality with limitless possibilities. The unknown is scary, but I am keen to enter it with confidence and conviction, taking all that I have learned in college and the places it will propel me next. Life is a journey, not a destination.   


Graduation Gift Guide 

Now that grad season is quickly approaching, I have curated a grad gift guide for the perfect presents that new grads actually want and NEED! We’re still trying to figure it out, and I still don’t own proper forks, so truly, anything is appreciated!

It’s officially inappropriate to continue throwing my overnight items into a random reusable grocery bag. The Beyond Basics Bag Collection is a perfect, essential gift for any new graduate. Whether they are graduating high school or college, the next few years will encompass a lot of spontaneous trips and a need for reliable luggage. These bags serve a purpose and are uniquely designed to keep your items organized and clean. I feel like I have my life together when I travel with them (even though I really don’t)! 

I was gifted a caddy when I entered college, and let me tell you--it was a lifesaver. This collapsible caddy assists with everything from carrying laundry detergent down eight flights of stairs, throwing stuff into my car, extra storage for small spaces, quick grocery hauls, and more. Whether the new grad of your life is entering college or a new city, this caddy will come in handy and become a go-to daily tool!


One of the biggest challenges that many new grads face is entering a new environment away from their closest support systems, often leaving behind best friends and family to start a new phase of their life. That's why the Kindred Souls Necklace makes a perfect graduation gift! It's a meaningful gift and a modern-day friendship necklace. It's an elegant accessory for friends, sisters, or a powerful duo to stay connected no matter the distance. The gold chain and pendant will leave you looking refined yet sophisticated.  

p.s. It also comes in sets of 3 and 4


Elevate Your Jewelry: 

Throughout college, I have discovered the power and importance of creating a capsule closet with timeless, staple pieces of jewelry and clothing that are graceful and classy for years to come. Every new grad deserves a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry that will elevate their outfits and take their work-wear to the next level with style and sophistication! Accessories like this will never go out of style and make any new grad feel special anytime they put it on.   



A Piece of Comfort: 

Entering a new chapter of life is intimidating. It's scary. Leaving behind the comforts of home or what you have been accustomed to will bring up feelings of uncomfortableness and uncertainty about the unknown. Give your grad a little piece of comfort to brighten their days and burst of joy and encouragement! 


Life is a Journey, Not a Destination 

Whether you are about to enter your first year of college, your first job, starting a family, exploring a new city or any of the incredible journeys that life is taking you on, here is my message: Take pleasure in the small things. Go on the spontaneous midnight car rides with your friends. Pour the extra glass of wine. Say yes when you are given a chance. Take the time to enjoy life because that is truly all we have. I know it's cliché, and you've heard it all before, but each moment in your life goes by before you have the awareness to appreciate it, so soak it all in and don't blink! Life is too short and goes by far too fast to get caught up in the mundane. 


By Ireland McGill 

Tate + Zoey Spring 2022 Marketing Intern