My name is Catherine Brown. I live in the Seattle area, in Renton, Washington, and am a Pharmacy Manager in a large regional healthcare system where I do formulary management. I don't have kids, but I have an 18 and 1/2-year-old cat who is a social media star on the Petzbe app. I do creative writing in my spare time. I have several published short stories, flash fiction, multiple award-winning short stories, and I have a fantasy novel in progress. I am active in my local writer's association, and I present on writing topics at local conferences. My other hobbies are making handmade jewelry and managing my cat's Petzbe account.  



I discovered Tate + Zoey in a vendor group I manage on Facebook. Kim, my sponsor showed me so many wonderful items and I had to check them out and order for myself. I was hesitant at first because I already had another direct sales business that was going well, and I didn't think I had the bandwidth for a second one. I made the jump during the join discount around Black Friday. I asked Kim a lot of questions about how the company worked, and the terms were great for me and fairly similar to my other business, so I was comfortable I could work it. I was really excited by the quality of the products and that I'd be getting into the company early. I knew it would be an incredible opportunity to grow as I got closer to retirement from my day job. I want to have something fun and rewarding to do. I also felt that Tate + Zoey was a perfect fit for me because I have always loved getting gifts for friends and family. I have a reputation in my family for finding the perfect gift. I could see so many gifts in this company that were the perfect gift, and I knew that the mission fit my values as a gifter 


My sponsor is Kim Stinson. Kim has been invaluable as I have built my business this year. She's always been available for questions or discussion. The best thing I have learned from her is to take advantage of all the training resources and the community that the company and my team offers. That support goes a long way to maximize this opportunity and succeed early out of the gate.  


I have learned that a successful business is about building connections with people who love the products. If you love the products, you can connect authentically with customers, and everyone wins. I have learned that I can do that.  


If someone is thinking about becoming a Tate + Zoey Brand Affiliate, I would encourage them to think about how Tate + Zoey can be the right fit for them. If they love the products, they will love sharing the products. If they don't know how to do that, we have incredible support and training to help them gain the confidence to do it with authenticity. If they don't know where to start, they will have team members who do and can advise them.  


Fun Facts:  

If money was no object, I'd be writing.  

My favorite Tate + Zoey product is anything with an inspirational or humorous saying, but my sign that says "I can and I will" is my very favorite. 


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