The start of a new year is the perfect time to refresh your vision board or create your very first one ever! And I get it – it might sound cheesy or weird at first. It did to me too several years ago. But trust me, the process is powerful and the transformation can be major. I am also going to share my secret with you about another board that is just as important as the vision board so keep reading.  


But before we get started, here’s a few of my favorite sayings as it relates to the concept of vision boards. 

 (Your why belongs on your board)


(Your targets belong on your board)



(Your decision starts with what belongs on your board)


First, you have to give yourself permission to dream big. Don’t let the doubts or fears of how you will achieve those dreams and goals creep in nor what others will think.  Be bold. Your future self is depending on you!


Do you remember the little girl you once were who had big dreams? Don’t disappoint her! Or maybe you have a little girl watching you now, looking up to you? Show her with your actions what dreaming big (and not being afraid to work hard to achieve those dreams) looks like… so that she will too! Kids learn by watching what you do – not what you say! The same goes for yourself! It’s not about what you say – it’s about what you do!


You must be specific. You must be intentional. And then you must get into action. But today is all about getting started and getting your board created! Let’s do this!


Creating Your Vison Board


The first step is brain dumping... get out a sheet of paper and write down some category headers, then list some of your goals, dreams and hopes as it relates to each one.


You can use the 5 F Categories Method: Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness.

And you can use a few other category ideas if you’d like: Travel, Career, Social, Health, Personal Growth, Spiritual, Relationships

And of course, you can create your own categories. Because this is all about YOU!


Here’s a few questions for you to consider when thinking about your goals within those categories to help in the brainstorming process . . .

Once you’ve made your lists, go back and circle or star the ones that are the most important to you because those are the things you will be adding to your vision board. This is the fun part!


Decide what kind of vision board you plan to create – a digital photo collage, magazine cutouts glued to a poster board, printed images on a corkboard, or pin board, etc.


Get your supplies together and get busy!



Personally, I am all about efficiency. So, I simply go to and search for images that represent the things on my list. I save those images to a folder on my computer and then get them printed out. Then, all I have to do is pin them to my pin board and voila, I am done and ready to crush some goals!


But some people love the experience of digging through old magazines looking for the perfect photos and/or words to cut out which is awesome too! Again, you do you!


Making Your Vision Board Work for You


Once it’s done, make sure you hang your vision board somewhere that you will see it every single day! Get in the habit of staring at it while imagining your dreams becoming your reality. Manifest it. Bring it to life.


On the hard days when you don’t feel like working toward your goals, be sure you take the time to remember why you should be. And focus on your destination (the dream, the goal) by spending a little extra time in front of your board. Create that spark again and then get back to work. Notice I didn’t say “find” that spark – that is because sometimes we have to create it! Just like we have to create the time to work towards it versus finding the time to do so.



It is all a CHOICE. Choose wisely.

My Favorite Part of the Boar

Remember when I told you I was going to share my secret about a second board? This is the best part if you ask me!


Create a second board... this one is your Gratitude Board. Add a few goals you’ve already achieved that you’re grateful for to get it started.


As soon as one of your goals, hopes or dreams from your vision board becomes real life – move it over to your gratitude board. Or remove the “concept” from your vision board and replace it with a real photo.



For example, if you had a photo of a gorgeous beach in Thailand pinned to your vision board and you made the trip happen... remove that generic photo from your vision board and print out an actual photo of YOU on the beach in Thailand or at least one that YOU took. Pin that one to your gratitude board.


The act of getting to move something over is beyond powerful! Trust me!


Take the time to sit in gratitude for your accomplishment. Reflect on what it took to go from just being your vision to being something you achieved. Be proud of yourself because you deserve it! Be grateful!


Intentionally add some smaller goals to your vision board so that you get to experience moving something over to your gratitude board sooner than later because it is addicting! And doing so will most likely make you work even harder towards your bigger goals so that you can move them over someday too!


Don’t forget to get your family involved in all of this too. Make sure they know what is on your board and why, so they understand that your future (and possibly their future) will require some sacrifices for you to be able to make those dreams your reality and why that is important to you. This step is important and cannot be skipped!


I strongly suggest also having a shared family vision board and encourage your kids and significant other to do one of their own too. A family that dreams big TOGETHER is one that stays together and creates the best memories and experiences! TRUST ME!


My Vision Board Challenge to You


So, here’s a fun fact about me... I am the biggest cheerleader ever when it comes to encouraging people to chase their dreams! I am cheering you on too and I would LOVE to see a photo of your vision board once you complete it. I suggest giving yourself a deadline of one week or less from this very moment. Please post a photo of your board(s) on Instagram and tag @melaniesnare and Tate + Zoey @shoptateandzoey and use #tzvisionboardchallenge because we can’t wait to see them!


Dream. Believe. Achieve.


You’ve Got This!



Melanie Snare

Tate + Zoey Brand Affiliate

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