Hi, I’m Aimee, Tate + Zoey’s Co-founder & Creative Director, and I’m a seven. If you know what I am talking about, we should totally chat. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s okay, but I’ll need you to take a test… the Enneagram test. Here are a few Enneagram test suggestions to try: Truity and Crystal Knows, The Enneagram personality test determines which of the nine personality types suits you best. Knowing your number helps you understand what motivates you, but more importantly, what motivates the people in your life. Having this understanding can improve the relationships in your life from dating to your work life. I am here to help you use the Enneagram to uncover something that is on everyone’s mind right now…finding the perfect gift for the holidays!

Type One - The Reformer

Morally conscious and often perfectionists, type ones are full of wisdom and good at problem solving. Because of this, the Essential Crossbody/Belt Bag hits the mark. A smart bag that converts from a crossbody to a belt bag, this bag is the perfect gift for the perfectionist ones.

Type Two - The Giver

Empathetic and warm-hearted, type twos are loyal friends. Celebrate their friendship with the You’re a Gem Necklace. It’s the perfect gift to acknowledge their kind-hearted nature.

Type Three - The Achiever

Your type three friends are the ones that are crushing their goals through hard work and determination. Because they are great at motivating others, give them a little encouragement back with the Underestimate Me Zip Pouch.

Type Four - The Individualist

Creative and sensitive, type fours love to be unique and authentically themselves. To celebrate their originality the Don’t Judge Wine Glass is the perfect gift to let them know that you love what makes them special.

Type Five - The Thinker

Type fives are independent and critical thinkers. They love to pursue knowledge and seek a deeper understanding of the world around them. The Podcasts Candle is the perfect gift for the investigative fives and their pursuit of knowledge.

Type Six - The Loyalist

The loyalist sixes are your responsible friends who want to feel safe and secure. They are always making practical and logical choices, and because of this, the perfect gift for the sixes is the durable Beyond Basics Tote.

Type Seven - The Enthusiast

Optimistic and extroverted, type sevens are the friends who live life to the fullest.  Always ready for a night out or a last minute trip, the Vacay Cosmetic Bag is totally for them!

Type Eight  - The Challenger

Taking charge and leading the way, type eights like to be independent and in control. Quick and decisive, these leaders will love the oversized Current Mood Boss Cappuccino Mug.

Type Nine - The Peacemaker

Type nines are the friends that hate conflict and tension with others. They crave peace and harmony in their lives and in their environment, making the Harmony Candle the perfect gift for our peaceful nines.

For All Types:

Still not sure? Celebrate each Enneagram type with our awesome Anywhere Enneagram Wine Glasses complete with a drinking personality and cocktail recipe card for each type!