Our Gifted Giveback Artist Program is a partnership with brands, artists, and designers that share our mission to change lives with a gift to bring you gifts with meaning while giving back to organizations we’re passionate about. We’re excited to bring you a new collection of meaningful gifts from our newest Gifted Giveback Artist, Just Trade.   

Just Trade is a design-led jewelry and accessories brand built around the interest of the people who make their products. Working in collaboration with makers in Peru, Ecuador, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Just Trade believes in a system of trade that prioritizes producers, communities, and the environment. They pride themselves on design excellence by providing training, collaboration with artisan partners, complying with the 10 principles of fair trade and sustainability.  


Our new collection of jewelry from Just Trade is handmade by women from the Flowering Desert project in India. At Flowering Desert, the women work in a safe and supportive environment. They work a shorter day, are given free transportation to work, counseling, healthcare, advice on money management, and help with educating their children. The training and fairly paid employment opportunities at Flowering Desert offer women to increase their skills and future work possibilities, often bringing them status in their society for the first time. Approximately 30 women made the jewelry for Tate + Zoey. At the time, they had no other work, and their husbands were unable to work due to the pandemic. Therefore, these women were able to provide for their families through difficult times. We are excited to bring you this beautiful new jewelry which truly changes lives with a gift!